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Delivery & Reception Robot with an Ad Display

KettyBot is Pudu Technology's latest delivery & reception robot that features advertisement display, customer guiding, AI voice interaction, delivery, and dish-returning functions. As a low cost and high efficiency solution, KettyBot delivers a state-of-the-art experience in high traffic restaurants.

Three Key Advantages 

Superior mobility

With a compact, stylish design, complex and dynamic environments can be easily navigated.

In-store marketing

A robot with a large ad display for delivery and reception, show your ads to a wider audience at a higher frequency.

A versatile all-rounder

Meeting a wider range of needs with improved adaptability, safety and accuracy, and an ultra-long battery life.

Superior Mobility


A minimize clearance at 55 cm, KettyBot is specially designed for complex and dynamic environments

Powered by PUDU Slam algorithm, KettyBot supports laser slam and visual slam dual solution simultaneously in order to adapt to more scenarios.

2* RGBD depth camera, provide KettyBot with the strongest 3D perception. Intelligent route planning, the optimal route to perform tasks is selected based on the operating environment.

In-Store Marketing


18.5" Large Ad Display

The 18.5" large ad screen can display promotional materials in the customized zone, providing a more eye-catching approach for marketing.

Centered ad display perfectly adapts to the customer's angle of view, while maintaining the design aesthetic of the robot.

With a high-power speaker, KettyBot is not only attractive to adults but also to children, making it ideal to impress the whole family.


Customized Advertisement

PUDU Business Management Platform offers the flexibility to customize the content presented on the ad display. 


Once you have added materials and created ads as desired, you can generate a playlist indicating for how long, how many times and in what order the ads are to be played, and then publish them to the robot.

A Versatile All-Rounder


Two Forms for Greater Versatility

KettyBot features two forms enabled by the removable trays and rear cover*. This gives the robot more flexibility to perform every task in the best way possible.

Ai Voice Interaction

ai interaction.png

The new voice interaction module integrates 360° sound localization.  

Exclusive situational dialogues with cutting-edge echo cancellation, noise suppression, and reverberation elimination technology.

Greeting & Escorting


The rear cover of KettyBot features a minimalist, streamlined design that makes it more compact.


With autonomous path planning, the robot can lead customers to their tables in the best possible path, providing improved customer experience and reduced waiter workload.

Multiple Delivery Modes

Multi-table Delivery

Multiple tables can be served in one run with accurate positioning and optimal path planning. Achieve more with less!

Cruise Mode

KettyBot can cruise in specific areas to provide customers with free snacks, drinks and promotion sheets.

Ultra-Long Battery Life 
for all-day-long services

Battery Capacity: 25.6Ah


Battery Life:8h 


Automatic Recharging: KettyBot automatically provides a voice alert and UI notification when the battery is low, and returns to the docking station* simultaneously

Dish-return Mode

KettyBot collects leftovers and plates and returns them to the dish-washing room for boosting the turnaround efficiency.

Birthday Mode

KettyBot can deliver birthday cakes accompanied by the birthday song, giving customers a strong sense of happiness and satisfaction.

Machine Dimension
Machine Weight
Carrying Capacity
Battery Life
Cruise speed
Max 1.2m/s
Charging time
4.5h (Automatic Recharging)
Battery capacity
Obstacle negotiation height
Max 7mm
Climb angle
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